After watching Rachelle’s video of herself for Nordstrom’s on her blog, I couldn’t help but poke a little fun. The first video is Rachelle’s, the second is an internet sensation by Brenda Dickson from the 80’s. The final one is just funny. Enjoy!

Rachelle’s video:

Brenda Dickson’s fabulous video:

Funny parody video of Brenda Dickson’s 80s video:

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4 thoughts on “Similarities?”

  1. Mark,

    Why make a video when I can give you 3 simple rules that will always work GUARANTEED:

    -Wear your pants over your underwear
    -Jock strap securely protecting the man-jewels at all times
    -Match your shoes to your belt

    Good to go!

  2. Haha, very good rules.

    I thought it could be quality humor watching you try to do what Rachelle did from the guy’s perspective =)

  3. Mark,

    You’ve convinced me. Video production will begin immediately. A megahit will be produced soon.

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