Skype Payments System is Obnoxious

Just purchased a monthly subscription to Skype. I can’t believe that such an established web presence has such an annoying payment system. I actually abandoned the cart three separate times in the last couple of weeks because it got so frustrating. Skype only allows you to pay through Paypal and also requires that you have a credit card on file with Paypal (which I didn’t- I use a checking account). Finally, I entered a new credit card in and it still didn’t work! I have another Paypal account with my business credit card and it wouldn’t let me make the purchase. I had to back out of the cart yet again and then enter a new credit card. At last the purchase order went through… then I discovered that in order to get the 50% discount on the online phone number, I should’ve purchased the number first! Argh. So frustrating.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

2 thoughts on “Skype Payments System is Obnoxious”

  1. I agree. Skype payments options are a royal pain in the ass and organized in the dumbest way possible. Once you attached you PayPal account to your Skype-Account there is no going back. This really pisses me off and wants me to trough excrements and and old foul-smelling Tomatoes at Skype.

  2. I expect more for $2.95/month unlimited calls within the continental United States! I was similarly annoyed.

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