The Great Debate: Body versus Brain

Tomorrow, I have two things that I really want to do.

The first is to watch the BCS college football national championship game between Florida and Oklahoma.‚  Tim Tebow, Florida’s quarterback, is possibly the greatest college football player ever to step foot on the hallowed gridiron.‚  Tebow will battle Sam Bradford, this year’s undeserving Heisman Trophy winner.‚  The game should be awesome to watch.

The second thing I want to do is to attend the first class of my second quarter for my Advanced Web Application Development certificate course.‚  Web applications are tons of fun and I only get about 12 or 13 classes in a quarter to learn as much as I can.‚  Plus, tomorrow is the first day with a new professor and I need to get all the information for the new quarter.

What shall I do?‚  Skip the football game and attend class? Or email the professor and try to get the info the class will be on so I can watch the championship game?

Either way, I will be doing something positive for myself… if I watch the championship, I will work out in my gym while watching it on television for 3+ hours… I’ve done some of the best workouts of my life that way.‚  If I go to class, I will continue to grow my brain and knowledge of web applications.

What do you folks think I should do?

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