The Walking Dead Review

I hate starting to watch a show or read a book series before it is fully completed, so I have been waiting for the Walking Dead television series to get finished.  The problem is that some series can go on and on for 10+ years so I finally decided to dive in and start watching the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

I am now half way through Season 2 and am really enjoying the show. I am a huge fan of zombie movies of all kinds and this zombie television show is pretty entertaining. The best part about the show is the semi-realistic depiction of the relationships of the characters as they are thrown into all kinds of bizarre situations with hard decisions. The part I find most annoying is that they don’t do a super great job of explaining how this little group of people can so easily kill dozens of zombies with hatchets while military bases got overrun. Also they smash zombies heads in with hand-held weapons, yet the blood never splatters on them or if it does it does not infect them. I don’t understand that.

Overall, the show is an entertaining way to relax for a half hour in the evening. Watch it on Netflix to avoid commercials.


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