Verizon One-Bill Nightmare

I am getting really tired of big companies that are run extraordinarily poorly. I signed up for Verizon’s One-Bill payment system that is supposed to make it easier to pay your internet service & cell phone bills, but it has turned into a nightmare. Their website doesn’t work see image below:

Not only is their website not available but when I called their help phone number the first guy I talked to said they didn’t offer Verizon One-bill and he’d never heard of it. After ten minutes of convincing he went and talked to his manager who told him about the program. Finally he transferred me to someone in the Verizon One-bill department.

The guy I talked to in the Verizon One-bill department was actually not a Verizon employee- he was a worker in a call center that Verizon subcontracted out to. He knew even less than the last guy. I got moved up to his manager and the manager just transferred me to another department.

Now I am unable to pay my bill and am about to get overdue payment penalties.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. Report Verizon to the the FCC. I had it with Verizon and I’m hoping everyone who has a problem will report them to the FCC. Thank-you

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