Volusion vs. BigCommerce – The Best Solution for your Online Business

Shopping cart is more than a payment getaway service. Good shopping carts like Volusion and BigCommerce offers comprehensive features and services to help your business. But choosing the right shopping cart solution for your business is an important decision as it ensures that the impact is both positive and long term. To form a decision, it is better to discover the two and then conclude.

Volusion is noted for SEO features that it provides to the customers.  It allows its customers with an optimal keyword placement in search engines. The beauty of this search engine optimization feature is that it provides the website with a steady stream of traffic, even if you are using paid advertising. You can also integrate your website with social networking sites.

Buy a shopping cart
Buy a shopping cart

Volusion also allows you to create content pages for your websites easily and efficiently. You have a variety of themes and templates to choose from. Once created, you can then use various features such as zoom in a product to get extra details, and group the products into different categories and sub-categories. It is web-based; therefore, you can manage it completely online. The solution may not be cheapest, but provides basic features to get the store running.

BigCommerce on the other hand, has some stand out features which outweigh Volusion, such as Google Optimizer which analyzes your website to determine what features should be added to attract users.  You can also use an unlimited number of photographs for one product and view those using thumbnails or a larger view option. Further on, you can share it and select a location for saving it. Using SuperZoom, you can zoom in the picture to have a clear look at the image. Loading a product is fairly easy as the interface makes it much better than other platforms. You can also read my intensive 2,500 word review of BigCommerce vs Shopify vs Volusion vs Magento here.

BigCommerce helps you sell products based on weight, image and price. You can also put specific quantity of each while determining the units of a particular product. BigCommerce makes use of several marketing tools to increase sales, offer coupons, promotions and other discounts. It offers payment processing without checkouts. The design wizards are made in a manner to make the customization of site easy and fun. Along with the free support, BigCommerce gives you step-by-step tutorials to use when customizing and managing your website. One important aspect is the security that BigCommerce provides its users. You can rest assured that the customers’ credit card, password and other personal information are protected. This is one reason why many internet users prefer BigCommerce for their shopping cart service.

Overall, BigCommerce provides a secure shopping cart for customers. Though it is not an old competitor in business, it still tops the market. BigCommerce is probably one of the simplest applications to install and use at the moment. When you combine all of its features, SEO and reporting capabilities, it is tough not to choose BigCommerce over others. All told, BigCommerce offers all services and tools that ensure that the customers are satisfied, and that increase online profitability as well.

Below is my video review of ecommerce shopping cart platforms:

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2 thoughts on “Volusion vs. BigCommerce – The Best Solution for your Online Business”

  1. hi Joel, great explanation between Shopify vs BC… after lots of research and reading your blog, i will go with BC.
    Okay, i need to put together a basic website (theme i suppose) to sell many books from my wholesalers. They will be drop-shipped. Although i have been selling books online for many years via the big booksellers, this will be my first independent site.
    So do you think a newbie can try and put one together myself on BigCommerce? or could you put something simple and basic together using BC’s tools for a basic fee… i will upload the inventory myself. It needs a few pages, a “categories” column and top, center search column. Would you have a bookseller theme lying around? (simple and clean look like booksxpress.com).
    -Cliff See (berkeley)

  2. BigCommerce and Volusion are both great shopping carts. BigCommerce offers features that Volusion doesn’t have and Volusion offers features that BigCommerce doesn’t. One fairfly important advantage that BigCommerce has over Volusion is that they don’t charge for bandwidth overages. For e-commerce stores, images are used quite heavily, requiring lots of bandwidth. Volusion does charge several dollars per gigabyte. In cases such as these, services like bandwidthdiet or even Amazon S3 would help greatly.

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