Windows Azure: Super Confusing

Microsoft had me really excited about their new Windows Azure product: it is supposed to be easy to use cloud based hosting & databases.  Unfortunately, their user interface possibly has the worst design I’ve ever seen… and I’ve been a GoDaddy customer for four years lol.  The system makes no sense and has poor support.  I am about to say screw Windows Azure, and switch to GoGrid or another non-Microsoft solution.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

2 thoughts on “Windows Azure: Super Confusing”

  1. lol..I hope you’re a long term EC2 and simpleDB user, i found the user interface to be the best and easy. But for a guy who has pleasure in godaddy(lol again!) is not for you. It’s for corporations and large solutions and serious .NET devs.

  2. Hi Joel, Windows Azure is designed to support a different set of usage scenarios than GoDaddy, such as being a cloud-based application platform instead of a simple server hosting environment. Thus there are significant differences in terms of the level of services that are visible and available for customers to interact with directly, and that may have impacted your perceptions. However, if you don’t mind, please share your findings and opinions with us (and you can do so directly with me), and we can explore approaches to address your concerns and/or Azure’s implementation.
    Best, -David (Microsoft)

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