Yahoo Commerce vs. BigCommerce – Feel the Difference

As Internet marketing is growing, you can see a boom of marketing products online. Various eCommerce and eBusiness products are available on the Internet like Yahoo Commerce and BigCommerce and you often get puzzled as to which one to choose from them. To decide one, you have to know the difference between them. Read on to see which one suits you.
Yahoo Commerce provides its customers features such as online payment processing, enhanced shopping carts and well-organized catalog management. All the functions are bundled into current Web business hosting which offers other related functions such as publishing tools and domain name registration. Yahoo Commerce has a range of design templates and uses third-party software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and HTML editing tools. It helps create friendly search engine pages and optimize your pages in search ranking.
BigCommerce, on other hand, has proved beyond expectations. It has a world class company and support team and is one of the most user-friendly shopping carts. The software is design is flexible as it allows you to simply drag and drop items to your desired template. BigCommerce is compatible with any company you name it: be it MasterCard, Visa, FedEx, PayPal etc. The software is also compatible with internet browsers so that customer experiences no problem while using any of the browsers. Its online checkout system includes many shopping carts. For efficient usability, it has a complete and an optimized product catalog. If you want to know all the review information of ecommerce solutions click on the link to read my complete analysis.
BigCommerce also offers important features for people with an interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques as it has 100% SEO optimized HTML. BigCommerce enhances your search engine visibility and has easy, one page check out process with a powerful backend store and search optimized internal navigation store.
The internet is expanding rapidly. People are continuously looking for an e-commerce store that can set them up straight. With so many e-commerce solutions available, it is tough to decide which one to choose. BigCommerce with its spectacular features makes online shopping easier for you. With a comprehensive package offered and customized store, BigCommerce is the right choice for you.

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