The Honest Job Applicant

A fictional job applicant’s information conglomerated from my actual experiences with people over time (client’s employees and pre-skills test CT employees):

  • “I get bored after six to nine months of work and quit every job I’ve had”.
  • “The gap in my resume was six months I spent in a drunken stupor in my bedroom”.
  • “I hate people and will drive out any team members you assign to work with me”.
  • “I like to have sex with my coworkers”.
  • “I can’t actually don’t have the skills you need, but I will baldfaced lie to you to get the job”.
  • “I am severely emotionally unbalanced and will cry regularly at work”.

There is no justice

I’ve been reading a very fascinating book, “Sapiens”, that has really helped me to think about things we humans take as absolutes in a new light. Concepts that we assume to be concrete real things… really just don’t exist except in our own imaginations. Everything from justice to money to laws to human rights to religion to politics are invented by human beings. People are so adamant they are real… just because they aren’t.

In reality, we are apes who have evolved higher level brains capable of longer range thinking and story/ myths that enable us to work together better.

Hacksaw Ridge Movie

I am a little worn out on movies that glorify war, especially those that don’t really portray it accurately. No one stands up and runs around when they are under fire. You crawl from place to place.

Self Ban Registry for Addictions

I had an idea that I thought could help smokers, alcoholics, and gamblers.

Create a national registry that people can voluntarily add themselves to that associates their drivers license number with a self-ban list for their addiction of choice.

For example, a smoker could add themselves to the cigarette ban list. Any time the smoker went to a grocery store or convenience store to buy cigarettes, the clerk would scan their license. If their name came up as banned, the clerk would not sell that person cigarettes.

Same thing with gamblers – casinos would scan the drivers license of all gamblers and reject entry to those who had added themselves to the compulsive gamblers list. Same thing with alcoholics – grocery stores, restaurants, and liquor stores would scan the licenses of the buyers and reject those who self identified as alcoholics.

Potential objections to this idea:

  • Would it be expensive? No – it would be a very simple web application with an API that could be integrated with any convenience store or restaurant point of sale system.
  • Would it be intrusive? No – people would only voluntarily sign themselves up for this. If you don’t want your information tracked, you don’t have to sign up. The only thing tracked would be license numbers of those on the self ban list.
  • Would it reduce profits of cigarette companies, breweries, and casinos? Yes – and that’s a good thing. The higher their profits are, the more human suffering they have created.
  • Could someone else add me to the list as a prank? No – you add yourself to the list at the DOL where licenses are issued.
  • Would this process make checkout longer? No – many grocery stores already scan your license to check your age.
  • Could you un-ban yourself if you wished? Yes – you could go back into the DOL and un-ban yourself. Perhaps have a week cooling off period.
  • What would the penalties be for violating the ban? I’m not sure. Could just be social pressure with no fines. Or it could be a $100 fine per instance or something like that.
  • If this is such a good idea, why hasn’t it been done already? Probably because very wealthy and powerful companies that prey on people’s addictions would lose money, and the corrupt politicians they support oppose it.


Ongoing Feedback Tool

I built a tool for giving my team ongoing feedback and launched it last week. What is my team’s reaction so far?

First, check out how it works:

A user can:

  • Write in their feedback
  • Select who should receive it
  • Decide whether the feedback is positive or negative
  • Decide if the feedback is small, medium or large

Lots of team members have been using it so far, here is a running log of the most recent feedback:

Seems to be quite helpful for people to share their thanks!

The one thing no one has tried yet is leaving a frowney for someone else… I might just disable this feature as I feel it can be dangerous.

Permanent Mob Mentality

“Mob mentality” is a powerful phenomenon sociologists have observed… a single human will seldom heckle another person or riot. However, throngs of sports fans will torch cars, protesters will storm government offices, and gangs will go to war over very small slights. Scientists have actually shown that your brain shuts off your sense of self during these times of collective endeavor. You and every other person in the mob might have morals against hurting others, but when a mob rises it has it’s own moral code that overrides all the individuals in it.

Our brains are made up of billions of neurons. Each neuron is a cell that can send and receive messages. Your neurons are what pass information (thoughts, feelings, physical actions, etc) through your brain. Your neurons are the basis of what makes you you.

We humans have long considered ourselves to be independent entities with free will. I propose that this is changing with the internet and enormous population of humans on our planet.

I think that each human being who is internet connected is becoming more and more specialized, and is part of a larger entity that is developing (or perhaps already has developed) a higher level of consciousness.

Most humans today are becoming hyper-specialized and are extremely dependent on the millions of other hyper-specialized humans for almost all of their needs. For example, I do web design and online marketing. I have very little understanding and no ability to actually grow food in industrial farms, transport it in gigantic cargo ships, distribute it through warehouse and store systems, build the car necessary to visit that grocery store, build the raw materials for the car / ship / industrial farm equipment…. I am completely dependent on a network of millions of other humans to do all of that. The benefit is I can be deeply specialized and do work that would be impossible without spending my entire life learning and growing in this one specific area.

I have noticed that everywhere I go, people are always on their internet devices. Even when I am driving down the road, fully one third of other drivers are looking at smartphones. All of this internet connectivity and specialization are turning individual humans into neurons in a much larger global human hive mind.

The internet itself is now described by many people as if it is a conscious, living, moving entity. When news comes out, vast populations of humans become excited and react in ways very similar to how neurons in your brain react. When there is an attack on the infrastructure of the internet, companies and governments organize to fight it off (like white blood cells fight infection in your brain).

Internet connected humans globally are now acting nearly in unison and are in a state of permanent “mob mentality”.

In the past, when “mob mentality” would take hold, a new consciousness separate from any individual in that mob would be born. Usually it would only hold together for a short time during some act or goal then it would dissolve.

The internet has connected vast populations of human beings very tightly into a mob and now we are observing a permanent state of “mob mentality”. This mentality is actually maturing and growing into a separate larger entity / brain, of which we are merely neurons.


The Cloud

Ten years ago or so, the Cloud was supposed to be the next big thing. It actually already was a huge thing with software as a service products hosted on the cloud exploding in popularity (Gmail, BigCommerce, MailChimp, and others).

Now most people take it for granted that their website and the apps they most frequently use are not installed on their computers, but are installed in the cloud somewhere.

Artificial Intelligence is just like this – it is a buzzword that has exhausted most people out there, but it is rapidly being adopted almost everywhere and is getting far better quickly.

Thin Wall Climbing Today in Joshua Tree

I climbed two 10ds, a 10a and two 5.9s.

Child’s play and the one next to it were the best. I almost sent the arete but gave up too easy once on the rail when all I had to do was reach up.

I Believe In The 2nd Amendment

I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I do not believe in this right because I want to hunt animals, or protect my home against burglars. I believe in this right as the founders of America intended it: to protect the freedom of the people against oppression and tyranny.

The sitting President of the United States has been under investigation for potential treason. Strong evidence exists that he has come under undue influence from a hostile foreign state. Russia has been aggressively trying to subvert democracies world wide to further it’s own interests, and it appears our government may have been one of them.

The FBI has been investigating these potential issues, and in a very dark twist, President Trump demanded personal loyalty from the FBI Director and when the FBI Director told Trump he would give him honesty, Trump fired him. It is shocking to see this happen in America, though it’s a common occurrence in dictatorships in places like Turkey, North Korea, and Egypt.

This appears to be a blatant obstruction of justice. Our country depends on the rule of law and justice for everyone. We also depend on free and fair elections, and leaders who are not dependent on hostile foreign powers.

Our freedom in America may be under severe attack and this is the time our citizens need to take a hard look at exercising our 2nd Amendment rights. If you allow for attacks on our freedom like this, it’s a short road to being ruled by a fully authoritarian government.

I am a successful business owner and am closest to being a Libertarian. A lot of Trump’s tax and healthcare and economic policies would directly benefit me. I do believe in reductions to government spending (both to military and entitlements). However, I would rather see Trump impeached and a big government liberal elected than see us lose our freedom to a foreign power’s influence and watch the rise of a tyrant.

What is the red line for when citizens need to exercise their 2nd Amendment? Has it been crossed?



Vistage so far has been a pretty great experience. I learn a lot doing the once a month all day training session with other CEO’s and it is good to have a coach who holds me accountable in 1 on 1s monthly.

I also have had the unexpected benefit of going to lunch with several of the CEO’s so far and they have shared a lot of good ideas with me and helped inspire me in new directions in the business. Pretty awesome!