Running increases lifespan


Laurel and I tried to catch this gecko in our hotel room. Laurel tried to put the trash can over him but unfortunately half his body was on the edge and he died. Murder most foul!

Trump Strikes Assad

I am happy to hear that President Trump undertook missile strikes in Syria against the air base that used chemical weapons on its own civilians. Hopefully this sends a message to other authoritarian regime that killing their civilians is not acceptable.

Culver City Ghetto

Paradiso Crossfit, one of my clients, is opening a new gym location in Culver City. I went over to visit this afternoon and the owner, David, and I had lunch. When we got back and were talking about his plans for the interior, we heard a scratching on the window outside. We walked out front and saw a few teenagers scratching on the window. We yelled at them and they went off down the street. One of them turned around to gesture like he had a gun in his pants and flip us off. Culver City is still pretty ghetto. Check out the kid and his friends picture below, if you know who any of them are, let me know.





When Breath Becomes Air

A wonderful book that made me cry. I highly recommend it.

How Mormons Show Truly Compassionate Conservatism

Funny Games vs A Clockwork Orange

Just realized I have been mixing up Funny Games and a Clockwork Orange for years…


I opened the refrigerator this morning and saw that my little yogurt container was almost gone. I looked down to Laurels shelf and saw four containers of yogurt including one not yet opened. Laurel and I each have shelves and I am not supposed to eat items off her shelf. I asked her if I could have some of the unopened yogurt from her shelf. She came over and after some maneuvering, managed to get it out and run away with it. I chased her, but was too slow. She opened it and licked the top to claim ownership. 

Thank You Jeremy! Excited for your wedding!