Why is it easier to comparison shop restaurants then doctors?

You are suffering from chest pains. You go to the ER and are told that you have advanced heart disease and that you need to find a doctor to help you. What do you do next?

There are not many options to help you research and find the best doctor. You can’t see a history of success, there are not great review sites, there is no trusted large brand.

If you are looking for a restaurant (a $10 food purchase perhaps… compare that to $500,000 for heart surgery), you will find highly detailed reviews of prior experiences, public health department reviews of the cleanliness, etc. You will also have major brands like McDonalds which will provide you exactly the same burger every single time anywhere you go and ensure quality control is held to ridiculously high standards.

Your heart surgeon could be a terrible surgeon who kills 10x more patients than the average, but you will never know it. You can’t get any information or statistics comparing doctors. You will have a very hard time comparing hospitals.

Why is this? It is purposefully done by the doctor’s unions and hospital groups. It allows them to protect their profits at your expense.


Manchester by the Sea Movie

Laurel and I just watched Manchester by the Sea, a indie film about a troubled uncle and his nephew brought together after the brother / father dies.

I really like it and would recommend it. Laurel thought it was too depressing.

Huntington Library Tea Today for Anniversary

Laurel Is The Perfect Wife!

Tomorrow is Laurel and I’s one year wedding anniversary. We were married at the beautiful Altadena Country Club where her family has been a member for around twenty years.

The last year has had many ups and downs, and fortunately our marriage has been the source of the ups and has helped us through the occasional downs.

We have had lots of fun times together in the last year:

  • Going to Mexico for Jeremy and Dorothy’s wedding a week ago
  • Watching great shows like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Rick & Morty
  • Our honeymoon in Kauai
  • Reading great books like “When Breath Becomes Air” and “Rising Son”
  • Talking about where to live long run, and what work Laurel wants to do

Laurel is very hard working and does an enormous amount to make my life better. She does all of our grocery shopping, she cooks me dinner every night, she helps keep the apartment clean, and she helps plan for the future.

I feel like she provides me the stable grounding so that I can continue to work hard every day to build my business.

I am even more excited today about the future of our marriage than I was even on our wedding day a year ago!

Jeremy’s Wedding in Tulum Mexico

Cleaning Out My Closet


I had a good run this morning before work. I pushed myself and was able to do 4 miles at a 8:31 average pace. Heart rate according to my monitor peaked at 153, averaged 130.

My friend Ryan told me it is possible to push for a sustained mile pace of 6:00. He said that he used to be an 8:00 miler like me, but once on the treadmill tried to do splits at a higher speed. He said he ran 1 minute at a 6:00 per mile pace and discovered that he could go another minute. Then he pushed himself through several more minutes. He said it just comes down to how much you are willing to suffer. He now routinely runs at a 6:00 mile pace for 1-3 miles.

I would like to try to get to that level of fitness.

Lots of new team members!

Very exciting times here at Coalition as we have recently added 12 new team members to our team! We have plan for bringing on another 20 new team members to continue to expand our capabilities for our clients.

Joe’s Passing

I was devastated to see the news Joe has passed this morning. Joe always had a smile for everyone in the office. He was great at connecting with all of our team members, as well as our clients. 

I remember one day a few months ago I was afraid about some business issue. My fear was causing me to not spend the time I should have spent to work with people. Instead, I was behaving rudely and reverting to some poor behaviors. Joe came into my office and shut the door, and calmly talked to me about the effect I was having on others. He was right and he explained it well enough that I recognized it immediately and tried to amend what I was doing. Joe was a good man with the courage and strength to do what is right.

Joe, you will be sorely missed.

Running increases lifespan