$1 Trillion in Minerals In Afghanistan

Jesus Conquered Afghanistan
Jesus Conquered Afghanistan

The New York Times is reporting that over a trillion dollars in minerals was found in Afghanistan recently. Afghan & U.S. officials are saying that it could completely change the face of Afghanistan now.

Want to know what should be done?

Iraq should be made the 51st state.  Afghanistan should be made the 52nd.

The entirety of both countries should be split up into parcels and sold on eBay to the highest bidder.  The funds generated would be used to pay for both wars, the expenses of veterans and to help pay off U.S. debts.


It would be the best possible thing for both the Afghani and Iraqi peoples.  Free enterprise will help give them the ability to increase their station and status in life without violence or falling back on religious superstitions.  Obviously it would be great for Americans as it would pay for these two ridiculous wars.  Many businesses worldwide would invest and involve themselves in building infrastructure in both countries to take advantage of their investments, greatly benefiting the locals.

We conquered these two countries fair and square and should not be ashamed of it. Politically correct pussyfooting around has only led to many needless deaths and no progress in either country

Also- I am beginning to think that entrepreneurship & free enterprise are actually far more valuable than democracy itself.  We owe our success in this country to having a limited government and strong companies, not to having limited companies and a strong government.

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