Old party

No, this is not SNL.

I went to the party at the old frat guys house tonight with Fletch and saw a bunch of old guys I knew. It was one of the saddest and most frightening things I’ve ever seen. I am so glad that I escaped that culture when I did. I left feeling horrified and have had nothing to do with it since until tonight, when I went to the party. There was BW (the giant man I wrestled and who doesn’t like me anymore) and KZ and both of them were exactly as I remembered. They had huge, unsubstantiated egos that were just pathetic when you watched them think they were cool rejecting poor girls. All the reasons I left and never looked back came rushing to me.

After I was sufficiently depressed by all of those old guys, Fletch and I left. We went to Earl’s to get a nightcap and that was another enlightening experience. It was full of people that disgusted me and made me afraid for humanity itself.

I left as quickly as I could and went and got some shitty greasy food at New China and talked to Fletch about how fucked up life can be. Sometimes when you are in a situation you are unable to recognize how bad life can be. Now I do. I don’t want to ever go back.

“There’s no one beside you when you’re soul embarks, I’ll follow you into the dark. “

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