5 Tricks for Improving SEO Efficiency

The SEO game has changed a lot in the last few years, with a growing emphasis on quality content and the elimination of cheap and manipulative link farming tactics. But while content is at the heart of good SEO in the modern era, there are still a number of nuts and bolts tricks that can make your SEO more efficient. These tricks aren’t designed to manipulate search engines, but rather to make it easier to play by the rules, saving time and money while improving search performance in a natural way. If you’re choosing between Google search engine optimization companies, be sure to see which ones are using these legitimate but time-saving tricks.


Two Tricks for Finding New Keywords

Keywords are at the core of compelling SEO content, but it’s harder to get them than it used to be. Two creative places to search for keywords are:

  • Internal Search Metrics: When people are already on your site but can’t immediately find what they’re looking for, they enter it into your internal search bar. Tracking internal searches provides you with a valuable list of potential SEO keywords that you already know your customers are interested in searching.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner: Google Adwords planner will provide you with keyword and group ideas that should always be incorporated into your plan.

Integrate Google Authorship Code into Your Site


One great way to boost the reputation of your content is to tie it to an authorial reputation by integrating Google authorship. This helps boost your SEO in two ways. First, attaching your content to the author’s name, profile, and body of work increases its profile. Second, the Google+ profile image that appears in search results (through Google Authorship) has been shown to increase click rates.

Use the Disavow Links Tool Efficiently

With the current penalties for negative SEO, maintaining your backlink profile is an absolutely essential part of SEO. But when you’re getting rid of toxic links, don’t be cautious and submit individual pages. Disavow links from entire domains. This helps you spend a lot less time getting rid of toxic backlinks. If you’ve previously worked with Google search engine optimization companies that used link farming tactics back when this was still a useful technique, this allows you to separate yourself from those past troubling practices much more quickly and easily.

Use Javascript With Google Tag Manager

Javascript code powers a lot of the most important functionalities for today’s website, including Twitter integration and Google Analytics. This code slows down your site, which penalizes PageRank. However, if you use Google’s tag manager code to enter the JavaScript code, you can dramatically decrease their load time.

When you’re choosing between Google search engine optimization companies, you want to select an agency that keeps up to date with changing SEO best practices, crafts compelling content and not just spam links, and knows all the tricks and tips for improving your site’s rankings without resorting to black hat manipulation. If you’re looking for Google search engine optimization companies that will serve your company’s best interests, consider contacting my firm, Coalition Technologies. Call us today at (877) 989-7187 for a free quote.

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