A-Z Websites In My Browser

Based on Scott Porad’s post about how Google Chrome uses your browsing history to try to auto fill in your address bar, I decided to post my top suggested websites per letter too.  I cleared my browser history & cache about 2 weeks ago so there isn’t as much info to go on here:

analytics.google.com – Website analytics I use for my clients

joelx.com/wp-admin – My Blog

coalitiontechnologies.com – My SEO & Web Design company

dogsniffer.com – No idea what this site is

espn.go.com – When’s the NFL lockout going to end?

facebook.com – I actually rarely visit this site

gmail.com – I use gmail for both a work & personal email client

isthatlegit.com – Programmer’s personal site who I just started working with

jplayer.org -Audio player for sound files for my phone application

kitchensoflosaltos.com – Kitchen designer in Atherton who I work for

latimes.com – Local news

mturk.com – Amazon’s mechanical turk program  that gives you super cheap labor for repeatable tasks

nytimes.com – National news

odesk.com – Workers

phone.coalitiontechnologies.com – Beta version of my phone app

restoration-911.com – Bay Area damage restoration

scottrade.com – Trading house

twilio.com – Phone app backend software

usaa.com – Insurance company

V- Empty

wellsfargo.com – Bank

X- Empty

Yahoo.com – Search engine

zoho.com –  Business apps

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.