Abortion is Murder

I have seen a ton of strange ideas being posted by people I respect highly.

I am not religious, nor am I a conservative but I see a lot of confusion about what what abortion is and how conservatives view it being published right now. Liberals often misrepresent conservative beliefs on abortion to make it sound like conservatives are trying to control other people’s bodies. There is a big difference between asking whether people approve of the government taking money to provide a better life for some people (welfare, gov, childcare, food stamps), and the government approving of killing babies.

You may not see killing a fetus / baby as murder, but they do.

I think we need an open and honest conversation where people talk to each other and not past each other. Misrepresenting arguments is not the way to get to good solutions. The core question is what is a human being and who deserves protection and benefits under the law?

I disagree with many conservative positions, but I do think abortion is murdering a human being. A fetus has its own unique DNA and a full life ahead of it. Yes, it is dependent on its mother but so are all children up to maybe 12 years old. And the elderly, disabled, and others are dependent on others for life. If a human makes life inconvenient for others and thus can be killed, why not kill all of those other much more annoying humans who will never be productive?

Be consistent in your beliefs. If it is okay to kill innocent babies, then certainly the death penalty for evil adults is fine? As is putting down the severely disabled that can’t support themselves and are inconvenient for others? That is the basic pro abortion argument…

Black people are disproportionately the victims of abortions. Liberals who believe in equity should probably step back and really think about the impact blacks suffer from abortion over whites. I’ve even in the past read liberal opinions that the fact abortion kills a lot of low income people to be a good thing. I am pretty horrified by this.

Saying it is men controlling women is an ad hominem attack that avoids the core question: Is a fetus a unique human life?

The root of the argument is what do we define as an individual human life? Abortionists argue that a fetus is not human. But a 2 month old baby like the one I just finished feeding is equally unable to survive with dramatic amounts of help. When you start to look at the root question, the discussion looks a lot uglier. Should one person’s selfish desires trump another person’s right to survive?

I can understand a person’s leanings either way, but I think people should be honest and not claim that the right to abortion is some human right. No one in history till fifty years ago made that claim. The Supreme Court Justices correctly point out that the founders did not include a right to abortion in the Constitution, and the Court should never have used tortured logic to create one. If you want a Constitutional right to abortion, then you can pass a Constitutional Amendment for one. Or more likely a simple law will be passed by Democrats when they’re in power, then Republicans will come back to power and will get rid of it again. Back and forth.

I like the idea of it being a state issue. If you don’t like the policies in your state, move to a state that has the policies you do like.

For me, it is hard to see how a lifestyle choice should trump the need to survive and spread the human race.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.