Almost There…

Two more work days and then I have nine straight days of vacation! I may even have eleven if my boss lets me take New Years Eve day off as well. I haven’t had this much vacation in a year and a half- I think the most I’ve taken off was four or five days in a row.

Trent will be flying in on Saturday morning in the early AM and later that day he and I will be going out to eat and then out to bars. Sunday we’re going out for dinner again and then to the Garage for bowling and fun. I’m going to go to my little brother’s Christmas Eve party on Monday and then over to my grandparents house on Tuesday. Wednesday will be shooting day with Trent’s dad and Thursday through Saturday we will be staying in a hotel on White Pass and skiing.

I still don’t have any New Years Plans yet, so if anybody has anything cool, let me know!

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