Always follow the money

If you want to know where the real power in our country and the world lies, just follow the money.

27% of US GDP flows to one profession… One that has the most powerful trade union in history. The longest lasting modern trade union. Healthcare. Doctors and nurses and other staff make obscene salaries by limiting the seats in medical school to restrict supply and keep pricing high. If you want to bring medical care to everyone, abolish all the special monopolies granted to the healthcare profession by the government. Healthcare professionals argue for their selfish regulations by loudly proclaiming it’s for your safety. But ask yourself why our care is so much worse than other countries and so much more expensive and why doctors never have time for patients. Follow the money.

Oil is the richest industry on the planet. The strongest industrial monopoly is held by the Oil Producers and Exporters Cartel or OPEC. Cartel is just another word for monopoly. They literally call themselves by a name synonymous with anti-competitive. If the oil industry was regulated by one countries government, it would be broken up. Also, isn’t it strange that supposedly environmentalist governments like Germany’s Green party keep outlawing clean nuclear power and encouraging the use of oil and coal? Trace the funding for these “environmental” groups and PR firms and I bet you will find Saudi Arabia and Russia pulling the strings.

And when you REALLY follow the money, you see that the money used globally is the United States Dollar. When the world uses money that we print, we have the ultimate power. Why do you think the United States has the strongest military by far in the world? To defend our money and keep our economy the strongest. China and Russia are fighting to try to replace the USD and have made some strides, but their problem is that they have authoritarian governments that use funny money that can be taken. No one wants funny money, they want money they can use whether they are a legitimate business or not and can trust that money will still be useful in a decade. Follow the money.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.