Antiwork and the Labor Shortage

The antiwork movement is extremely popular online. Supporters of this view are brigade downvoting any view they see as opposed to this: especially if it suggests that government handouts result in people not wanting to work.

I think the desire for better pay and better work conditions are well founded. Most of our Fortune 500 companies are run by hired gun CEOs, not founders, that are trying to extract maximum short term profits at the expense of employees and customers and the environment. That is evil behavior.

The solution to bad companies that mistreat people is not stick out heads in the sand and claim that no one should need to work, the solution is to remove government monopolies (parents) granted to these companies, government contracting to them, and government bailouts.

We also need to find ways to expose the predatory financial classes: venture capitalists mislead entrepreneurs by saying they will support their vision but then fire the founders at high rates, private equity pays founders to leave then makes money by harming customers, employees, and the business, and the stock market gives perverse incentives based on short term profit.

Read Henry Ford’s autobiography, he has a lot of brilliant ideas including keeping all of his companies equity so he could retain control and do things like cut prices every year on his cars while paying employees double the going rate.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.