Arm The World

Power does not come from protests, sit-ins, or other useless gestures. Power comes from the force of arms. Power ultimately always will derive from whoever has the most military force.

It’s funny that the New York Times and CNN report with great anguish the atrocities that Putin and his cronies are committing in Russia, Ukraine and in Africa…. atrocities that are only able to be committed because Putin controls a greater military force.

Putin would be unable to imprison protestors and opposition politicians in Russia if every citizen had a gun. His invasion would have never began if every Ukrainian owned an assault rifle prior to the war starting. His cronies would not be able to loot Africa’s natural resources with the help of warlords if every citizen there could fight back.

Liberals constantly worry and complain about the loss of women’s rights in Afghanistan to the Taliban, the genocides committed by Putin and Jinping, and all of the other horrors around the world…. and yet they want to disarm Americans because of a few shootings?

Protecting freedom means every citizen should have the right and ability to fight back against their own government or foreign governments or simply marauding criminals. Freedom comes directly from the people having military force to protect that freedom from attacks.

If the Uyghurs were all armed, if the North Korean populace all carried weapons, if the Africans were all armed, it would be far harder to abuse them or take their freedom. Arm the world.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.