I am really unhappy with AT&T right now. I have been a loyal AT&T customer for almost six years since the original AT&T which was rebranded Cingular, which was RE-rebranded AT&T… I hope they rebrand to REBRAND soon, it would be more fitting than the other names they have tried lol.

Anyways, I ordered an Apple iPhone 3G from the AT&T store on Pine & 6th in Pacific Place (mall in Seattle, WA) and received an email today telling me that I could come pick it up. On my lunch break I trekked my way up from Pioneer Square to the AT&T store in Seattle (about a mile walk) and went into the store and asked for my new iPhone. AT&T’s customer service representative went back into the back to look for it and came back out with nothing and said it had just arrived. I looked at him kind of funny and asked,


“Well…. can you get it for me?” The little AT&T customer service representative said okay and went back to get it. A few minutes later he came back out again empty-handed. He said, “It’s still with the rest of the shipment and hasn’t been checked in yet.” I replied, “Can’t you just open the shipment and check my phone in?” By now, the poor AT&T customer service representative’s brain was on the fritz and he looked confused as a lemur at an onomotopeia convention. The guy went back again and when he came back out he STILL had nothing. This time he tells me that he doesn’t want to get it out and that I should come back at 6 pm. I was enraged by this, but decided that instead of starting to shout at this lazy useless AT&T customer service representative that I should keep my sanity and just walk away from him. Plus, I had to get back to work soon and if I forced him to do his job, he surely would have stretched it out even longer.

What an idiot. His job is to help customers get what they want and he is too stinking lazy to even accomplish the easy chore of getting my phone. I wonder if he is paid on commission? That would make sense- getting my phone would not help him get more sales and would take him away from selling for 10 minutes. AT&T customer service representatives are useless.

Essentially, I am spending $2,600 with AT&T (2 year contract @ $100 per month and a $200 iPhone), but I can’t even get the AT&T customer service representative to pull my phone out of the shipment.

The guy told me to come back at 6 pm tonight… which means that I have to walk another mile over there and another mile back. I am seriously considering cancelling my iPhone purchase and switching to another carrier. My last contract with AT&T is now up and I am free to leave.

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Joel Gross

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