Automatic Cafe Restaurant: The End of Waiters?

In Germany, a new automatic cafe restaurant has opened up and is serving customers. The restaurant automates the ordering and serving process, leaving only chefs upstairs to cook patron’s food. The automated restaurant has a computer system at each table for automatically ordering food, then the chef’s cook it and put it on rails where it slides on down to the patrons level. While customers wait for the automatic restaurant chefs to cook their food, they can use the computer that they placed their order on to check emails and send text messages.

The automatic cafe restaurant operates by having the restaurant customer place his order on the computer. The computer lets the cook upstairs know what to make from his fresh ingredients and when it is prepared, the automatic meal is put in a pot and has sticker stuck to it and it is sent down rails to the hungry customers table.

The automated restaurant idea saves both the restaurant and the customer money. The automatic restaurant saves money because it does not have to pay labor costs such as salary, medical, etc. The customer saves money in two ways: on the backend from savings the automatic restaurant passes on to it’s customers and also because the automated restaurant customer does not have to leave a tip.

Below is a video on how the German automatic cafe restaurant operates.

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  1. FYI, that was originally my dad’ s idea for his restaurant. This was back in 1999 however at the time they did not have the software for it. My dad spoke about his idea to a few employees at microsoft and they thought it was a good idea and they tried the idea at Microsoft’s employee cafeteria. Strange huh

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