Average Big 3 Automanufacturer Worker Earns $70/ hour

Want to know where your hard-earned tax dollars are going to go with the bailout of the Big 3 automobile manufacturers in Detroit?‚  Right into the pockets of corrupt management and union employees.‚  The auto manufacturers and auto unions have very powerful lobbyists who have convinced Congress to stick it’s hand in your wallet and give your cash to the criminals in Detroit.

Here’s the breakdown of the average autoworker’s income:

$40 per hour in wages
$15 fringe benefits (health insurance, pensions, etc.)
$15 retiree costs

$70 per hour on average for Detroit workers

Aren’t you excited that the autoworker unions have done such a good job of lobbying the government to get special protections so that they can’t be fired and replaced with reasonable people?‚  Aren’t you even more excited that they have special rules so that jobs that can be better done by a robot MUST be done by a human anyways?‚  Isn’t it just wonderful that by taking money out of your measly average paycheck ($20/hour average for Americans), the auto workers get to buy themselves fancy new guns to shoot each other? (this is Detroit after all with the second highest crime rate in the United States).

I have an idea… let’s NEVER BUY A CAR FROM DETROIT AGAIN!‚  I don’t like supporting people who steal from me, do you?‚  Boycott Ford, GM & Chrysler.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

3 thoughts on “Average Big 3 Automanufacturer Worker Earns $70/ hour”

  1. Joel,

    If all the facts that you have stated are true then I think this is outrages. This entire bailout business has gone too far. I think the general attitude amongst big corporations these days is “Hey, we have nothing to worry about becuase if we can’t generate revenue we can just ask the government.” And offcourse the governemnt just bends over and takes it. Its during economic times like these where only the strong survive. Only the companies that operate efficiently and produce superior goods at lower costs will be able to weather the storm. Companies that cannot compete need to go under to make way for more dynamic and aggressive companies. But with these shitty companies that keep getting bailed out we are keeping a bunch of mediocre companies in a highly competitive market. Joel is right, boycott the big three!

  2. Psft. Nobody cares what you think, Joel. You didn’t vote. And somehow, I don’t think sabotaging our forced investment will be very useful.

    And, it’s “outrageous,” not “outrages.”

  3. I knew about the UAW’s compensation package years ago. That’s why I bought a Mazda. Americans out there who disagree with the UAW — Don’t buy their cars.

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