Babies are doing well

Kate has been home a few days now and is eating a lot and soaking up attention and sleeping a lot.

Griffin is still in the NICU but is doing a ton better. I have been fighting with the doctors to get him better treatment. Both Laurel and I have been visiting him every single day. She goes in the morning and I go at night. Took me five hours till past 1 am last night to get him what he needed. He wasn’t getting fed enough so I got them to increase his feeds last night from 60 ml to 70 and tonight from 70 to 80. Doctors don’t get questioned very often I think but they came around. I knew he was hungry because he kept queueing and nippling and wiggling even after his feeds.

Laurel hasn’t been getting much sleep and it hasn’t been easy to both be spending so much time at the NICU while we have another baby at home, but we love these babies so much! 🙂

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