Once again, the top two teams in the Bowl Championship Series have been beaten. This means that Ohio State most likely will play for another championship against a two-loss team. Right now there are about 10 different teams with about equal rights to play in the championship game. How will this be decided? By a computer algorithm and a few voters. Dumbest system on earth. Every coach in football always tells his guys that “it’ll be decided on the field”. Why not let the college football national champion be determined via a playoff instead of by a somewhat random and biased system? Because the Big 10 commissioner opposes it because his conference makes too much money off of the bowl games. Ohio State plays in the Big 10 and most people in the country agree that right now, LSU and USC and several other teams are probably better than the Ohio State Buckeyes. Last year, a not so great Ohio State team got blown out in the National Championship game against Florida. I think we are about to see the same thing happen again this year. Give the people/players/coaches what they want! A playoff!

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  1. Just turned on my television and remembered that the only undefeated team in the country is playing UW. Why shouldn’t Hawaii play for the national championship? They’re undefeated right?

    They are also getting beat 28-21 right now by UW in the third quarter.

    Bring on the December Madness!!! I want to see playoffs.

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