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  • Lawmakers need to back up their free market beliefs and allow GM to collapse.
  • Government backed mortgage companies Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are on the verge of collapse. If you thought that Bear Stearns and all the other news so far has been bad, wait for the tidal wave that will wash over the US economy when the two biggest mortgage lenders collapse. Government regulation always ends up fialing.
  • Iraqi guerrilla fighters, also known as “terrorists”, have discovered an innovative new weapon to use in their battle against our occupation: improvised rocket assisted mortars. Initial findings are indicating that Iran may be the suppliers of the rockets that power these. United States Major General Jeff Hammond, commander of Baghdad, called the new weapons “the greatest danger we now face” and compared the shadowy militia group employing them to the elite Delta Force of the United States.
  • ESPN’s preseason rankings of the PAC-10 have the Washington Huskies ranked at a measly 7th even with sensation Jake Locker at quarterback. USC is not surprisingly #1.

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