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If you wish to run an online store, then you would certainly need the best ecommerce software suitable for your business. But, there are too many shopping carts available online, and one just gets stuck on the decision to make the choice.  Fortunately, in my job as a professional web designer I have reviewed many shopping carts and as of late August 2010, my favorite is BigCommerce.

It’s not possible for you to compare 100 different shopping carts, but if you get a brief overview on their systems, then you will surely be able to pick the right one from an overwhelming number of ecommerce solutions. There are basically two kinds of shopping cart software; one that is hosted remotely and the other that is hosted locally.

In case of the locally hosted software, you just have to do the purchase once and the software is stored in your own server. However, in case of the remotely hosted software, you have to give monthly payments. Among the two, the locally hosted software offers the flexibility and control over the way shopping cart is handled. It’s important to note that you need expertise to handle it, but there are shopping cart companies that offer services such as the installation of the software and its customization.

You will find that the best shopping cart systems are the ones that are efficient in their functionality and provide a convenient usage. In the underlying text, you will find some of the best shopping cart systems and their prominent features that make them outstanding.

Take BigCommerce for instance, its an ideal option for people wanting to open an online store with little technical skills as well as for those who wish to establish a larger site with thousands of products. Its prominent features include feasibility for quick integration of existing designs, availability of several free templates, freedom for the modification of design and the convenient drag and drop tools. With these features, BigCommerce has become a leading name in ecommerce industry.

Another commendable name is that of Magento. It’s an ecommerce platform that offers some professional features such as the flexibility, control over the look and over the functionality of the online shop. Plus, you also get an added advantage to develop product and catalogue browser options. The best part about this system is that it is completely scalable and supported by an extensive network.

If you need a user-friendly operation then CS-Cart can be good shopping cart software. It comprises of five professional templates, and a unique trait of this system is that it’s a multilingual system along with a multicurrency feature.

While considering the ease of usage and user-friendly operation, Zencart is not far behind. It’s a free shopping cart system that is distributed like open source software. Though it needs to grow a bit more to reach the top spot, it has done quite fine so far.

There are many big names in the ecommerce industry and most of them are doing quite well, it’s just that you need to find the right one that suits your business. In this context, BigCommerce has a greater market value due to its various packages for different types of businesses while there are some who offer services only for the small online retailer stores.

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