Bill O’Reilly & Phil Donahue Catfight

Phil Donahue, a former talk show host, and Bill O’Reilly, a current talk show host, go to battle with each other. Phil Donahue makes better points I think.

You guys agree that Phil Donahue made Bill O’Reilly look stupid on his own show?

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Joel Gross

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2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly & Phil Donahue Catfight”

  1. While I am not O’Reilly’s biggest fan, I have to disagree with you. It depends on the facts you know about the war I believe. Whether you agreed with the war in the beginning isn’t the issue anymore and O’Reilly is trying to show why he believes we can’t just high tail it out of there. It is tragic whenever we lose American soldier’s lives, but we are making so much progress over the last year. I just saw the first positive media special report on progress in Iraq last week and what we have done is phenomenal. If Donahue is right in saying Hussein was our guy and we put him in there, then that was a major tactical error in the beginning and we needed to take him down. To say Iraq wouldn’t become a terror state if we totally pulled out within the year is absolutely naive in my opinion. If you listen to Sheehan and what she is about and all the far left wingers and how they frame their arguements, their positions, while of course they have the right to express them, appear to be misleading, offensive, and foolish.

  2. You are right, Mark, the troops in Iraq have finally started to make a difference. At what cost though? We have spent $1-2 TRILLION on the war and lost 4,185 soldiers. Usually, in history, when one country takes over another country it is able to actually turn a profit! What happened to us? Massive mismanagement of the war and coddling of international liberals. The use of Roman techniques in taking and holding conquered territories would have been invaluable. Unfortunately, our politicians are too cowardly to take such steps.

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