Broadstripe Cable Screws Cable Internet Customers

Broadstripe, the cable company, is screwing its customers. Broadstripe purchased the old cable operator I had and now has decided to jack up the prices from $29.99 for basic cable internet to a ridiculously obscene $64 a month. Broadstripe did this without even notifying its customers. I just opened a bill and there was $64 staring me in the face.

I am planning on closing my account after this weekend and switching to something else. However, Broadstripe has an exclusive deal with my apartment building (can you say price fixing?) so my only other option is to go to satellite. Ugh.


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Joel Gross

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  1. I loathe Broadstripe Cable. They charge high prices for unbelievably poor service. Out where we live we dont have a choice and so I feel its a monopoly. People need to get together and file a class action suit against them. They are charging for services not provided! And they wont give one cent in credit for the lack of. They are truly a pain in my ass!

  2. Broadstripe has horrible customer service. I can’t wait to go to another cable company or to a slower satellite internet service- but at least the slower service wouldn’t rip me off so bad.

  3. So true! I have been paying $29.99 for cable for the past year and now I open my bill and it is $54! I call and they tell me they don’t have to inform me of price raises. I had to cancel and since they have exclusive service with my building, no more cable for me.

  4. I have Comcast and OMG!! Such a ripoff. I think Broadstripe should expand and I wish they were in my area! I called them the other day, and since we have Comcast in our building, they dont service us. SLOWER INTERNET wont rip you off so much? Idiot – contact your local phone company.

  5. I have posted here time and time again, slow internet, no internet at all. I had broadstripe service for 8 years. Sucks is an understatement. But the worst came a few months back, it was November 2009. I called in and said, hey my internet is slow, and I did a diagnostic TRACEROUTE and found out my internet packets were going all the WAY to Washington, DC through Michigan and then chicago and then DC before pinging a server in SEATTLE. I live in SEATTLE. So I was like man this is VERY VERY WEIRD. So I got out some of MY IT TOOLS, and did some forensic testing, it seems that BROADSTRIPE setup a new route for my static modem taking me through michigan, chicago and dc on any request to any server anywhere in the world. As an IT expert I knew this was not just a SLOW internet connection, they purposely re-routed my connection this way. So I started asking myself WHY? Why would they do this, I pinged a few security IT experts I know in the industry and they said. BROADSTRIPE is re-routing you because of a request from the Government to put a Line monitor on your internet access. I Said WHAT THE F@#$@#…!!!! Are you serious, so I called Broadstripe, asked them why am I being routed this way. Spoke to a guy named Tony in Michigan Support. He said, I have idea, contacted his tier 1 support NOC Engineer, and they said we re-routed your area this way because of an upgrade in our network gear. I said ok, fix it. He said, no problem – I will get it handled. This was november of 2009, I called in weekly, slow internet still routing this way, answer was always were working on it! I got into April 2010 and I was at the end of my frustration with this. So I contacted a few buddies of mine in DoD – Dept. of Defense. They said, hey you are probably being monitored, call support and tell them – WHY ARE YOU MONITORING MY INTERNET AND REPORTING TO ECHELON AND CARNIVORE. So I did this, they never called me back again – period. So I called up and said, either fix it right now or cancel my account. Instead of fixing they said – WE CAN SEND SOMEONE TO YOUR HOME TO SEE WHATS WRONG. YEAH LIKE I AM LETTING ANY OF THEIR SUB-STANDARD CABLE GUYS INTO MY HOUSE. AND HONESTLY, HOW IS MY HOME THE PROBLEM SUDDENLY!! So I cancelled it, so right away I knew my buddies were right, that I was in fact having my internet illegally monitored by Broadstripe and that they were doing this to a lot of customers. So I cancelled and never looked back, I contacted a new provider and asked them, even they said, yup sounds like you were monitored. They told me to report it to the BBB and ConsumerAffairs, which I have done. SO beware Broadstripe users, you too may be under their ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE, get Wireshark and check your internet edge and see what your traceroute for a call to a server resolves, does it go out of area when you try to attempt to ping a local server in your area. Does it go through Michigan, Chicago, Washington, DC before going back to the site your are pinging or tracerouting. YOU MAY BE UNDER SURVEILLANCE AS WELL!! Get TOR and VIDALIA – google them and stop allowing BROADSTRIPE TO INVADE YOUR PRIVACY or the GOVERNMENT! BUYER BEWARE!!! DON’T PAY YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO BE SPIED ON BY A COMPANY THAT CAN’T EVEN KEEP IT’S EMPLOYEES ON STAFF MORE THEN 2 Months. Wake up, there are alternatives, and if your community has one of those BROADSTRIPE LOCKED-IN ILLEGAL Contract deals like my community does, Complain to BBB, anything is better then broadstripe, hell a DIAL UP Connection is better. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A SHOTTY SERVICE WITH SHOTTY MANAGEMENT!!!

  6. I think the best way to handle a service complaint that can’t be resolved is to go to the FCC web site a file a complaint like I did . They have a good reputation on these issues as they are the agency that issues there license . Good Luck

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