Business & Golf

I have gone through a number of sports hobbies through the years – I spent several years rock climbing, a couple of years doing Crossfit, a couple of years playing flag football. I enjoy finding fun activities instead of doing a mundane gym workout.

My newest sport is golf. I just started a couple of months ago, but try to get some practice in most days.

I noticed some similarities between business and golf:

  • Both take long term commitment without much day to day progress. Sometimes one day will look very bad, and the next will look very good and it is hard to tell what was done differently.
  • Both are score based. In business, you need profit to survive. In golf, you track your score.
  • There is no “close” in either one. If you lose a deal in business, you get zero dollars even if you were the next best competitor. If you miss a shot in golf, you still see your score increment up even if the ball hangs on the rim of the cup.
  • Both require a strong investment of time and money.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.