Business In the US

There are laws on the books to hold businesses accountable in the US, but these haven’t been enforced nearly enough for thirty years at least. What prosecutor wants to risk going after a rich business where the owner can bury him in years of legal paperwork then use political power to get him fired and the case dropped?

Recessions are actually wonderful… They kill all the poorly run companies like Vetech works for and make room in the market for new entrepreneurs. The US bailed out businesses in the 2008 recession and the one we should have had around 2019-2021 and so now we have a far higher percentage of bad businesses then before. We haven’t seen a major new bank enter the market in the last decade because all the garbage banks got saved.

I know tons of business owners that profited hugely on the PPP loans. Did you like your pandemic government check of a couple grand? I know personally one guy who got $2 million in extra profit from the government and lots of others like him. Stupid government handouts are why inflation is so high. Simple supply and demand… Print more dollars and productivity doesn’t go up and dollars are worth less.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.