Japanese Trains Overfilled

The public transit system in Japan leaves something to be desired…

Watch this funny video of people being packed into a train like sardines. There are a bunch of men who’s sole job is to push as many people as possible into the train. Could you imagine riding on one of these Japanese trains?! It would be like being stuck in a tube of toothpaste on a 110 degree day!

I guess this is what happens when the government, instead of the free market, makes decisions for people. The Japanese government probably isn’t that interested in tourism if this how the Japanese trains are run lol.

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4 thoughts on “Japanese Trains Overfilled”

  1. Just for your information, it’s Japan, not Chinese. Those men are speaking japanese, not chinese.

  2. Still, regardless of whatever the source said, it’s quite obvious that the language they’re speaking is Japanese! Unless you’re about to make the shocking assertion that Americans simply have no idea of how East Asian languages sound. (My Eastern European friends can perfectly distinguish between Chinese, Japanese and Korean. So can my American friends, for that matter, but they study at Harvard, hmm…)

    With this in mind, I suggest you change the title and content of your post, since Japan is a free-market democracy…

  3. … And it’s neither the Japanese government nor the market that decides how Japanese trains are run. It’s the circumstances. Trains in Tokyo already arrive every 2 minutes and Tokyo has the world’s most extensive railway network, so why are the trains so crowded? Because close to half a million people live next to every station! Wait for the next train? Thirty seconds after this train leaves, the platform will fill up again and the next train will be just as crowded.

    The same thing might be true of Chinese cities and trains in 15 years. And I’m sure that you – and everyone else – will heap all the blame on the Chinese government regardless of whatever the circumstances are (just as you’re doing now). Heh, it’s funny and pathetic how the Chinese government gets blamed for absolutely everything.

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