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Right now is a VERY exciting time to be a Coalition team member.
Our current team is not only the largest Coalition has ever had, but I believe we are working together more smoothly and successfully than any previous team.
Yesterday, while visiting Washington State, I attended my favorite Uncle’s retirement party from his job as a firefighter. My grandparents who raised me hosted the party, and had a number of their other retired friends and family attend as well.
I asked my grandpa, “How have you liked retirement?”
“Retirement has been the worst time of my life” he replied.
I asked their retired friends as well what advice they had. The answers mostly boiled down to “find a purpose and work at that” to avoid slumping into depressions.
I don’t think it’s just their old age that can cause depression either – my friends who have been unemployed for more than a month generally say they hated it and found themselves struggling emotionally.
That makes a lot of sense to me, as when I have taken a day or two or three off, it can be nice to clear my head. However, if I take too much more time off, then I become antsy then agitated then depressed. I think there is few things in the world as depressing as having no purpose.
I have been financially independent for awhile now and don’t have to work like most people. I choose to work every day with our team because I love what we do, the people we work with and the fascinating challenges presented.
My goal now is to help as many of our team members as possible to reach financial independence as well through our career development programs, profit share, and other benefits. We have an extraordinarily high average rate of pay increase per year – for all of the people who’ve ever worked at Coalition all time, the average pay increase has been 17% per year! The average pay increase in the United States each year is a little over 1%.
Coalition’s rapid growth and success offers incredible opportunities for anyone who wants to work hard, and the work we do is fascinating. I am proud and happy to work with all of you! 🙂
Recent results:
  • May was our largest month of revenue ever, showing 55% growth over previous May 2016
  • We now have 82 full time team members with several more joining us shortly
  • We just signed an old client, Mad Dogg, back with the largest marketing management contract we’ve had yet
Upcoming challenges:
  • Our goal for this year is to grow from $240k monthly revenue to $416k monthly revenue. We are currently at $312k, so we are currently a bit less than halfway to our goal for this year.
  • All of these new clients means that things will be a bit busier, so we need to put in strong effort to make sure everything is organized.
  • We need to really focus on quality assurance and hunting for bugs in our emails, designs, code, and client relationships. Each of you is responsible for making sure your own work is triple checked and perfect prior to submitting it.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.