Bestemor (my grandma) has been hammering on me for years to be more considerate of people. I think it’s finally starting to sink in. I try to help my family and friends whenever possible and think about others feelings and ideas carefully, even certain annoying coworkers lol. Bestemor has always been very caring for me, from helping me with the mundane tasks (dentist appointments, football practice), to fun stuff (skiing at the cabin, gifts) to the larger issues of life (where to go to college, what profession, how to treat people). She has given me a much better understanding of how to treat people.

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  1. Bestemor is an amazing woman. Where ever she is at, she deserves a lot of credit and respect! If the world really worked on karmic rhythms she would never have cancer, would never have another second in a doctor’s office. Much love!

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