Corporations and Governments are AI

I believe that larger corporations and governments are separate thinking entities from any individual person that works for them. They act aggressively in their own interest to pursue a specific goal (for corporations this is profit, for governments it is survival and growth). Many times they will even get rid of their own CEO’s if the CEO is not contributing properly (look at Harvey Weinstein as an example here).

I also think that people who work for a company often find their mind and personality being somewhat influenced and shifted towards the corporations interests. I think this increases the longer someone has been at a company and the higher they move up. For founder / CEO types like myself this is even more pronounced… I am for better or worse an very changed person from who I was prior to starting the company. I often see myself as the emotions or soul of the company… I react emotionally to attacks on the business as if they were attacks on me and feel great when successes happen.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.