Cutting people off

I made very hard decisions many years ago to cut out bad people from my life. My mom was a meth / alcohol / attention addict and borrowed money from everyone she knows without repayment… I cut her off 20+ years ago. My dad was selfish and abusive and kicked me out at 14. I haven’t heard from him in 25 years. I have had some unhealthy friends I have had to stop hanging out with too. It can be hard / painful to cut someone off, but if you are thinking about doing so you probably should.

One interesting thing is that good people in your life pretty much always are good to you: they never scream at you, cheat you, lie to you. The bad people are bad as much as they can get away with. I’ve also gotten rid of an alcoholic mean uncle, friends that just want to get drunk with me, employees that are good at their jobs usually but unreliable or bad sometimes. Good people like my grandparents have always been there for me and never ask for things, I have good friends who are always friendly and happy and supportive and never lie or cheat or make drama.

It is hard to be successful in life if bad people are always there dragging you down and getting you needlessly upset. To build an amazing business you need complete focus.

Having kids makes that even harder…I built my big company when I didn’t have kids. If I had to do it again now with kids, I think I would have to pretty much only spend time with my kids and wife, and pretty much no one else except those who were very supportive and helpful. Building a business is hard, so you need only strong and helpful supporters among your friends and family.

You are not a bad person if you cut someone off even if they are family or friends. It is that person’s own choices and behavior that leads to that. They will try to make you feel guilty and be as mean as they can, but that just goes to show you were right. I can also tell you that there has never been a situation where I have cut someone off or fired an employee too early… By the time I get around to doing it, it’s always too late. Try not to let that happen to you, and keep in mind that if you think someone is unhealthy, they most definitely are.

Doing this can be super hard, but each time a bad person lose your life, everything else in your life gets a lot better. You’re able to focus more on your business, you spend better quality time with your children, you are happier because you aren’t upset about drama and BS.

One more note… I have been cut off by people when I’ve been a bad person. I’ve been very unhappy about it, and kicked up a lot of drama… But I have to admit now that the people who did so were right to do so and it was better for them and better for me.

This is just my own personal experience, I hope it helps you a bit 🙂

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.