Mega Wasps

I have been listening to Great Courses course on biology each morning when I work out. The recent lectures have been on evolution and genetic engineering…

So last night I had a dream that I was a biologist and engineered a mega wasp that was intelligent as humans and had a sting that killed and was resistant to cold, heat, insecticide and could photosynthesise.… read more “Mega Wasps”


I’ve been working 60-70 hours a week, working out hard every day and in my spare hour in the evenings reading business books. I am tired and my patience feels thin. I need to re-energize myself.


I spent 14 hours this weekend debugging an application built by someone else. I couldn’t even get it properly installed! Super frustrating, but I did learn a decent amount of system administration related stuff. Hopefully my pain will help me in the future.

What is the Trump Sideshow Hiding?

Americans are fed lightweight issues during each election to keep us from identifying the most important and substantial issues.

Trump has been a world class distraction in the current cycle. What do powerful people not want us paying attention to?

Massive bloat in entitlements and defense spending?

Subsidies for big, traditional companies at the expense of small, fresh ones?… read more “What is the Trump Sideshow Hiding?”

Tools vs Teams

I have spent quite a bit of time and effort lately developing tools for Coalition. The trade off for this is that I have not been able to spend as much time directly with my teams and clients. I need to make an effort to spend more time there as I feel I may be getting diminishing returns on my tool suite and a lot of good would come from more face time with my team.


Most people complain about their job, but it seems like having a job is pretty important to giving people meaning and purpose in their lives.

Going on vacation for a few days is a great feeling, but not having work on a daily basis longer than that is depressing. People who are long term unemployed or retired have much higher rates of depression than those who work.… read more “Work”


I am in love with the Laravel framework! It greatly simplifies PHP development and deployment. I have built two custom web applications on it so far, one for training and one for recruiting.