Harry Potter Series

I have been reading the Harry Potter series in my free time the last few weeks and really am enjoying it. I saw the movies a couple of years ago, and they were excellent too.

Working On The Weekends

I love working on the weekends since I have zero distractions from emails or people who need things. I can focus 100% on building the web applications Coalition needs. Building these applications is kind of like working on a puzzle or playing chess… interesting problems to solve usually!

Work is Vital to Life Satisfaction

Most people can’t wait for the weekend. There are endless jokes and cultural memes about Thank God It’s Friday and resenting when Monday comes back around.

In my experience though, after a long weekend or vacation I usually find myself less happy than when I am working regularly and getting things done. The sense of purpose and accomplishment that I get from work I generally don’t get from play.… read more “Work is Vital to Life Satisfaction”

MySQL Optimization

I have not done much MySQL optimization before, but I have been diving into it deeper the last couple of days. ┬áPreviously, I have read “High Performance MySQL” by OReilly, but I had not had a chance to put it into practice. Now I am working on my live management feedback web application to improve query performance and schema optimization.… read more “MySQL Optimization”