Negative & Positive Reviews of My Performance as CEO

One of the “perks” of being a CEO is that people review your performance… publicly. I think most people would feel embarrassed by public performance reviews even if they are positive. I am sure most people would feel quite frustrated if a negative performance review came to light, and probably be downright livid if false negative performance reviews existed out there.… read more “Negative & Positive Reviews of My Performance as CEO”


When I was in my early twenties, my top priority was having fun and hanging out with friends. In my late twenties, my top priority was building Coalition. As I’ve begun my thirties, my family has become my top priority. I still spend most of my time working on Coalition though, but I now do it for my family.

Extinction book series

I have been reading the Extinction book series at Laurel’s recommendation. It is a strange mix…. flat characters that are way over the top, and constant cheesy action that somehow keeps you in suspense and reading through them. Exhausting lol. I need to switch back to nonfiction again soon.


I have gotten back into chess lately and have even gone to a few tournaments at the LA Chess Club on Santa Monica Blvd. Chess is a highly addicting game!

I have been working on improving my game and have played with the tactic’s trainer and video lessons. My rating has risen to about 1300 now.… read more “Chess”

ACA Basketball Game

We had our basketball game last night and though our team was down by 18 points at one point, we had a really nice comeback and tied the game. We went to triple overtime and sudden death and one of our team members fouled the opponent and he went to the foul line and made a free throw, winning it for their team.… read more “ACA Basketball Game”

Rock Climbing

I just got a membership to the new climbing gym Cliffs of Id near my workplace. I have taken about a year off climbing because my elbow was injured and I had frankly gotten tired of it. I am feeling more excited about it again now though!