How To Stop Terrorism

How did the Romans stop terrorism?

Put pressure on the family and friends and community around the terrorists to stop it. How do you do that? Execute 10 or a 100 people in that community for every one that they killed in the Roman community.

This forces the leaders and the family and the friends to monitor and police their own people.


Flew into Seattle Thursday night to celebrate Bestemor’s 75th birthday with her. Stayed through today (Sunday) and will fly back at 3 pm. Did a management retreat with Jordan, played Wii with Justin White and Nick Fitzer and the White family, and checked out Jordan’s new house. Also went for a six mile run with the antelope Jimmy!


My stress levels have been pretty high lately. Lots of projects are needing my attention at work and I am trying to make sure we continue to offer the highest levels of service.

I probably should do more intense exercise to burn off the extra stress. This evening I think I will go to the La Cienega LA Fitness and do some heavy squats and running.


I have been thinking about getting a Playstation 4 recently. Not sure though… might be too much of a distraction from other things I need to do.

Game of Thrones

Laurel and I have started to watch Game of Thrones and it is a very addicting show! We are almost done with the first season and we have been highly entertained. I usually give her back rubs while we watch which makes her very happy and she makes me dinner which makes me very happy. Good times 🙂

Every Day Exercise

Exercising every day is a big challenge for most people. What I have done to motivate myself to exercise every day is to track it in my personal goals spreadsheet that I update each day.  You can see the types of exercise I have done each day below for the last two weeks:

6 mi run, 9:40 pace
4 mi run
Rock climbing
6 mi run
Rock climbing
Light lifting
Rock climbing
Fitstar watch
6 mi run
Rock climbing
Bball 2 games
Rock climbing
Bball 5 games
Rock climbing
6 mi run

Only 2 days off!… read more “Every Day Exercise”