My Injury Recovery

I am starting to more rapidly recover from my rollerblading injury.

I had a good long walk with my crutches yesterday around my neighborhood with Laurel and Jimmy. I moved pretty slowly though.

I have a bandage wrapped around my knee that I am not supposed to take off till my doctors appointment next Monday. It feels pretty gross – like it is sticking to the wound sometimes or carrying liquid.… read more “My Injury Recovery”

Rollerblading Injury + Hospital Recovery

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 9:30 am: My friend Ryan and I went rollerblading together near downtown Long Beach. I usually wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, and a helmet. I had forgotten a knee pad at home though, so I made the dangerous decision to wear only my wrist guards and helmet.

We parked near 6th and Magnolia and found our way over to the paved bike trail along the LA river that connects down to ocean front bike path.… read more “Rollerblading Injury + Hospital Recovery”

Police Are Heroes

I have spent a lot of time while injured watching police body camera videos on YouTube. Generally it seems that police are very conscientious even of the criminals they deal with and show far more restraint than I would when under threat. They do all of this for very little thanks and a lot of hatred from the communities they protect.… read more “Police Are Heroes”

Google Helping Weaponize AI

In one scary development, Google is working with the US military to begin weaponizing their extremely advanced artificial intelligence.

Remember – this is the same artificial intelligence that is able to bootstrap itself in a matter of days from only knowing the rules of Go to crushing the best human opponents on the planet.

Skynet is now no longer science fiction.