How To Make Healthcare Affordable

Apparently Democrats have promised to make healthcare affordable. However, their ideas are limited to single payer or shoring up the Affordable Care Act… Neither of which solves the root cause of insanely high drug and hospital and doctor prices.

The only way to truly make healthcare affordable is to either eliminate patents or reduce their effective period to three years with no renewals, and to eliminate licensing requirements for doctors and nurses, and to remove other regulations in healthcare designed to suppress competition.… read more “How To Make Healthcare Affordable”

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Under Attack

There seems to be a state sponsored and highly coordinated attack against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in the media. My guess is that either Russia or China or Saudi Arabia are attacking Facebook for their stance on free speech in those unfree countries. I think the attackers are paying for placements and opinion columns all over the media.… read more “Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Under Attack”

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Do Russia’s Dirty Work

Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy for President and made breaking up tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple a core plank of her platform.

Tech companies have tons of competition and don’t need to be broken up. Warren’s ideas on Apple especially are moronic. Separating the App store from Apple destroys the value that Apple is trying to provide by having a closed and safer ecosystem.… read more “Elizabeth Warren Wants To Do Russia’s Dirty Work”