SEC Should Back Off Elon Musk

The SEC rightfully gave hard pushback on Elon Musk for tweeting market moving news incorrectly.

However, the SEC needs to realize that Elon Musk is a modern day Edison or Newton or Einstein and we need to give him and his businesses maximum possible leeway to achieve their goals. Taking humans to space, improving batteries, building electric cars, and building cheap tunnels are enormously important to humanity’s future.


Richard Feynman, who became intimately familiar with the US medical system while his wife died of tuberculosis, found the American medical system to be a mutilation of the scientific method.

The American medical system is more built to protect the profits of doctors and hospitals than it is to help patients.

You can read Richard Feynman’s love letter to his dead wife here

Ideas VS Execution

Ideas are worthless, execution is everything. This is why patents should be completely eliminated. This would rocket launch technology worldwide.

The patent system is enormously beneficial to me and and especially to other wealthy tech entrepreneurs. It is used to block out competition artificially. My business has a lot of patentable innovations that I could use to shut down competitors and raise prices to extract more profits.… read more “Ideas VS Execution”