Interesting Take on Capitalism

Free Markets Are Intrinsic to Humans

We’re the only animals who cooperate across genetic boundaries, because we can track credits and debits in voluntary exchanges.

Free markets are intrinsic to the human species

Naval: Overall capitalism [meaning free markets] is intrinsic to the human species. Capitalism is not something we invented. Capitalism is not even something we more “Interesting Take on Capitalism”

Private Equity is Mostly Evil

What I have seen from almost every private equity investment is that private equity attempts to harm consumers and employees and other stakeholders to get a good return.

Private equity does things like buy Toys R Us and leverage it to the hilt, then sell it and watch as it collapses.

Private equity buys up every company in an industry niche, then engages in anti-competitive behaviors like tripling prices and cutting employee pay.… read more “Private Equity is Mostly Evil”