Griffin and Kate Update

Both are basically healthy and doing well. I am holding them 3-8 hours a day (6 yesterday and 6 today). Laurel is here probably 8-10 hours a day. We love our babies!Kate is doing better overall than Griffin. Griffin is having his worst day today. He did well while I held him during his feed with a couple of minor short spells.… read more “Griffin and Kate Update”

Long Beach Memorial Hospital VERSUS St. Mary’s Long Beach Hospital


  • St. Mary’s Long Beach Dignity Health Hospital is nightmarish and awful
  • Long Beach Memorial Hospital is the best hospital I’ve ever visited

The difference between my experiences at Long Beach Memorial Hospital and St. Mary’s Long Beach Dignity Health Hospital has been night and day.

I injured my knee and went into the ER at St.… read more “Long Beach Memorial Hospital VERSUS St. Mary’s Long Beach Hospital”


The future will be ruled by a totalitarian state. Dictators will have access to weapons that make them omnipotent with a very small group over all other citizens. They will have spy tools making them omniscient as well. You can already see this in the rapid growth of dictatorships worldwide.

On Lobster

Plato’s comments:

I always thought boiling a lobster alive seemed fairly cruel, I’ve never cooked a whole lobster myself, only lobster tails which, one hopes, would come from lobsters killed in a more humane fashion. I’ve heard of knifing the lobster before boiling, I’d assumed that would mean a quick death for the lobster, but the author seems to say that based on the structure of the lobster nervous system it doesn’t make any difference.
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