Griffin and Kate Update

Both are basically healthy and doing well. I am holding them 3-8 hours a day (6 yesterday and 6 today). Laurel is here probably 8-10 hours a day. We love our babies!Kate is doing better overall than Griffin. Griffin is having his worst day today. He did well while I held him during his feed with a couple of minor short spells. When I laid him down and went and held Kate, he dropped to saturation in the 30s. I set Kate down and went to him and he recovered with the nurses help. I then had the nurse show me hisdesats today. He had two other very low episodes. I asked for Dr. doti to come and he came quickly. He sat and explained everything and it made sense. He has reflux but that is not the problem… It’s that the food or liquid gets in his throat and he doesn’t clear it like many babies do. Dr. Doti said the interventions they can do are harmful like putting him on oxygen or doing a bunch of radiating scans. We just need to help during his episodes. The nurses can use his little mask. I said I noticed positional changes seem to help. Nurse had said position changes are bad and we don’t want to less with him too much. Dr. Doti said the most important thing is helping with these sessions so changing positions is good and we can use things like the z flow to help his position. He said we should try different things and find what works. Maybe it is just the act of repositioning him or maybe it’s certain positions or head angles. We just need him to learn how to clear his reflux in his throat and give him support till he does.

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