Americas Must Unite

North and South America must unite into a single United States of America or dictators will continue picking off nations one by one and abusing the people. The current USA could be next.

I suggest we allow elections in each country to allow them the option of joining. Imagine the immense benefits to everyone if the huge natural resources of Venezuela and the incredible manpower of Mexico and the technical know how and security of the USA all joined together in one nation with freedom and safety?… read more “Americas Must Unite”

Feeling better

I am feeling much better now about my osteoarthritis diagnosis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that will end with me getting a hip replacement, at least according to the conventional medical knowledge available.

I am okay with that though. Most have my research on hip replacements shows that if it’s done right, your quality of life is undiminished.… read more “Feeling better”

Stop Unjust Cash Handouts for Boomers

Throughout human history, most generations have tried to build a better world for their children and grandchildren. One generation broke that rule and selfishly decided to take from their kids and grandkids to better fund their current lifestyle.

Over the last few decades, Boomer politicians got together with Boomer unions and agreed to take massive handouts for themselves.… read more “Stop Unjust Cash Handouts for Boomers”