Stop Unjust Cash Handouts for Boomers

Throughout human history, most generations have tried to build a better world for their children and grandchildren. One generation broke that rule and selfishly decided to take from their kids and grandkids to better fund their current lifestyle.

Over the last few decades, Boomer politicians got together with Boomer unions and agreed to take massive handouts for themselves. This cash giveaway has been funded by debt… debt the Boomers will never pay but are going to pass to future generations.

Over half of US states have pensions that are funded at only 70% or worse and will require federal bailouts. Some states and cities are under 50% funded.

I personally know a LA line police officer who retired at 50 years old with a $100,000+ a year pension… this is normal as people game the system to do a bunch of overtime in their last couple of years to juice their income. I also personally know a city attorney who retired with a $300,000+ a year pension.

These massive pensions were not the result of a fair, arms-length negotiation. Unions voted in politicians who agreed to give huge increases every year to pensions. The politicians didn’t care about the future taxpayers who had to pay for it – they just lusted for the power of being elected now.

Since the future generations of taxpayers were NOT represented in the granting of these pensions, these pensions are NOT valid. Young generations should fight and remove these pensions with new laws and through the courts.

America’s Revolutionary War was started because of “Taxation Without Representation”. Younger generations are not represented and have been cheated out of trillions of dollars already. Stop the bleeding now!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.