Herd Immunity

I am starting to think that the cure to the Covid 19 Coronavirus is worse than the disease. 99% of the people dying from the virus were already dying from another disease to start with. Shuttering the entire economy is pretty terrifying and who knows if or when it will be able to start again. I think we risk a higher percentage of people potentially dying from outcomes related to that than the disease itself.… read more “Herd Immunity”

Don’t Bailout Businesses, Bailout Minimum Wage Workers

Any business that can’t survive a situation like this has bad management. We should let them go bankrupt, then allow much better managers to buy them out of bankruptcy and run them. This goes for Boeing, airlines, and all the rest.

Low paid workers will be hit hardest. Any worker required by the government to not work should be paid up to 1.5x minimum wage.… read more “Don’t Bailout Businesses, Bailout Minimum Wage Workers”

Patents Preventing Coronavirus Tests, Treatments

Patents in the United States have suppressed capitalism and turned it into corruption. Capitalism ONLY works when you have competition. Patents owned by testing companies, ventilator manufacturers, and other medical device and supply companies prevent competition and allow them to rake in huge dirty profits. Patents need to be eliminated immediately.

McConnell’s GOP Stimulus Plan Is a Scam

As a condition of receiving aid under the GOP bill, companies must agree to cap executive compensation at 2019 levels for two years. Executives would also be barred from receiving severance or so-called golden parachute packages worth more than twice their total compensation in 2019.” – LA TIMES.

They are going to allow the executives that couldn’t run their companies well enough to keep their 2019 pay?… read more “McConnell’s GOP Stimulus Plan Is a Scam”