I am trying to automate some of my investing actions to make it easier by using the interactive brokers API. I actually really like the model of asynchronous programming, but I am slow at it. I also decide to learn a new way of storing data. I am using pandas instead of sql this time. I also could not use my usual language of PHP and have to use Python.… read more “TWS API”

Lucky Timing

For years I have been saying that the markets are way overpriced and should come down. I have had most of my money and bonds and things like that for the last four years and missed out on the big run up in the market. However, a few weeks ago I decided the market was totally unsustainable and ended up putting a third of all my investments into puts on the most overpriced stocks in the market.… read more “Lucky Timing”


I find myself doing a lot more math for business now. Not easy accounting math. Math like multiple variable power regression analysis. I really wish I’d understood more in school and paid more attention and had someone that showed me the practical purpose of math.